Indigenous Flora

An archive of locally grown Indigenous plants

Highlighting a selection of plants that grew naturally in the area before European invasion.

Indigenous plants are those that occur naturally in an area having evolved there over thousands of years. These plants have subsequently adapted to the local conditions of that area and grow better than those from other areas.

Epacris impressa (Common Heath)

  • Valuable nectar source.
  • Red to pink flowers in long clusters from March to November.
  • Suitable for growing in rock gardens and pots.
GOULD, Elizabeth England b.1804 d.1841 Epacris impressa (Common heath) c.1838-40 Watercolour on paper 27 x 18.5cm Acc. 2010.354 Purchased 2010 with funds from Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Society Brisbane River Inc. through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation

Indigofera australis (Austral Indigo)

  • Displays purple pea-flowers from September to December.
  • Food source for caterpillars of the Grass Blue butterfly.
  • Especially striking when grown in groups and under trees with other leafy plants.

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